We at Sprint Legal are aware of the challenges involved in managing a hospital. There are several responsibilities to balance, such as arranging patients and making sure the finances run well. For this reason, we provide a full range of legal services that are especially designed for the requirements of hospitals.

Our Hospital Booking Services

Booking and Appointment Support: From beginning to end, our staff assists you in improving the patient experience. We create simple patient intake forms that include all the necessary information, examine and set reasonable cancellation policies, and help you manage the constantly changing telehealth regulations.

Call Support and Legal Guidance: We provide more than just appointments and forms. We assist you in creating short scripts for staff members to utilize when speaking with patients about appointments, bills, and other issues. To protect patient privacy and data security, we also offer advice on gaining informed permission for procedures and making sure that HIPAA compliance is maintained.

Expertise in Scheduling and Billing: It’s critical to maximize your revenue cycle. We can help you navigate any claim rejections and go over the particulars of your insurance coverage. To reduce misunderstanding and streamline procedures for both patients and the hospital, we can assist you in creating transparent and compliant payment and billing policies.

Accounting and Financial Compliance: We recognize the significance of sound financial management in the healthcare industry. Our legal team makes sure your hospital meets with healthcare rules by keeping up to date on them, reducing the possibility of fines and penalties. To ensure alignment with your best interests, maximize reimbursements, and safeguard your financial standing, we can also analyse contracts with insurance providers.


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